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I am a student who like learning , creating , testing , and breaking things . I code in python and ruby to automate my daily tasks and for web services API , currently learning golang .:)

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Modern Warfare 3

Main Menu of the game Modern Warfare 3, continuation to the call of duty series (the 8th one)delivers a battle-end campaign, breakneck competitive action, and a very challenging cooperative play. … Continued

XBOX 360

The new update to xbox360 upgrades it to a new and complete different look.The update will automatically be notified when you connect to xbox live through your xbox.The look seems … Continued

Postal 3

coming December,2011 Postal III is an edgy third-person action/adventure comedy for Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac/Linux featuring cutting edge graphics and physics via Valve’s Source Engine. It also features RWS’ unique brand of … Continued

Google’s Siri

Iris==Siri   OR  Google’s Siri(Iris)==Apple’s Siri Iris or siri read from right to left is an application to compete with much known application of apple ‘Siri’ which is a tool introduced … Continued