How To Install Linux On Usb Drive Using Virtualbox

In this tutorial I’ll explain you how to Install , Complete Linux distribution in USB drive step by step using virtualbox alternatively you can use any virtualization software , I’ll using Ubuntu as Linux distribution in this guide .



  • Linux ISO : Download Ubuntu
  • 8 GB USB drive ( 16 GB Recommended)

  • Virtualbox
  • Virtualbox extensions



  •  Format usb drive
  •  Connect usb drive to vm when installing


  • Open virtualbox
  • create new virtual machine
  • choose OS > type is > Linux and give it a name
  • click on setting and click USB from left sidebar
  • attach your usb
  • now start your virtual machine and choose install Ubuntu
  • click on clean install and choose USB drive [ important ]
  • wait until it finish installing
  • After installation test your Installation using mobalive USB
  • Now your full featured Ubuntu desktop is installed on USB and ready to use




After installation you can use that key as your portable workstation , this methods is intended for people who don’t want to edit grub config and do messedup with persistent stuff ( some usb creators do that for you ) .

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