WebMatrix 2 [final release]

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The final release of WebMatrix 2 is here which is a free tool for web development from Microsoft.The final version is available since September,6 and you can download from its site itself.This version works like a charm in Windows 8 and well integrated with Visual Studio 2012.

For new users who don’t know about this can give it a try if interested in web development as it makes web development easy and setting up environment for database connectivity or php,javascript or wordpress is matter of few steps and interface is user-friendly with not many controls to think upon and getting confused over it.Its simple and handy and no other software is required for your development…..its worthy!!
Key features :

  • Optimized for Open Source
  • Designed for Top Languages
  • Built for the Cloud
  • Designed for Mobile
  • Extended by the Community
  • All-in-one

 Try it and you will love it.