How To Install MySQL On Windows (8)

MySQL is well known free and open source Robust database . in this guide i will show you how to and where from download MySQL and install it in windows with some other helping apps . so you can easily start with MySQL

1 :  Download MySQL
now you have two option either download all in one package or single community server and other tools separately

Download Full Installer ( if you have good internet connection )

download if you have slow internet connection download MySQL community server only and download MySQL workbench separately

download MySQL community server
download MySQL  workbench ( GUI tool )

2 : Install MySQL

  • Install normally ( Like other appications , next next next :p )
  • after installation finish it will open configuration wizard
make sure you checked that in order to run mysql from command line
if you are installing on local development machine then don’t check enable root access
Clickk on Finish

Now open CMD and type

mysql -u root -p
MySQL command line interface

OR you can download MySQL workbench , which is a GUI application with lots of features .

MySQL workbench admin panel
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