windows 10 privacy tweaks to save your WiFi and bandwidth

If you’ve recently upgraded to windows 10 , then re-adjust your WiFi and update settings to save your bandwidth , as you might have heard about windows 10 update process its use p2p(peer to peer ) to distribute updates , means If you have downloaded any update from Microsoft , That update will be shared with all Other pc in same network or other computers that are downloading same update . It’s just like torrents how torrents work .

according to official documentation

Delivery Optimization downloads the same updates and apps that you get through Windows Update and the Windows Store. Delivery Optimization creates a local cache, and stores files that it has downloaded in that cache for a short period of time. Depending on your settings, Windows then send parts of those files to other PCs on your local network or PCs on the Internet that are downloading the same files.

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Adjust Update Settings

Adjust Your windows 10 update settings as described in following steps
* click on search and type “Update ”
* choose ” Check for Update ”
* From update and security , click on ” Advanced Options ”
* Click on ” Choose how update are delivered ”
* turn off , ” updates from more than one place ”

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WiFi Sense

Windows 10 WiFi Sense Feature lets you to automatically connect to WiFi that your friends have shared with, you can share your Wifi network too , you and your friends can share WiFi network with each other without sharing password .

Security Risks : Any attacker from your friend-list can access your network , or shared his network and he can perform WiFi HoneyPot attack or , Man in the Middle (MiTM) attack .

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Adjust WiFi Settings : Follow these simple steps to disable all WiFi sense sharing feature

  • Go Settings > Network and Internet > WiFi > manage WiFi Settings
  • Turn off Connect to suggested Host-spot
  • Turn Off Connect to network shared by my contacts





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