Setting Cinnamon desktop on Fedora 21

Quick and easy way to install cinnamon desktop environment on fedora 21 , I like Gnome but I like cinnamon lot more , so I switched to cinnamon on my brand new installation of Fedora 21 which is released few days ago . Let me walk h the process of installation of cinnamon desktop on Fedora 21 .


  1. Click on Activities or click ‘Windows’ or ‘super’ and search for ‘ terminal ‘

search terminal

  1. Open terminal and type these commands ( may be you already know all these )

update and upgrade

  1. update and upgrade then install cinnamon ( issue following commands )
$ sudo yum update 
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo yum install cinnamon 

5 .Logout and while on login window choose cinnamon
just click on little gear icon then choose cinnamon desktop

It will start cinnamon desktop , with default cinnamon theme , but you can customize it from theme menu .

cinnamon default theme


cinnamon after theme tweaks

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