Fedora 21 Released Best Ever Fedora Yet

Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 21 , Yesterday according to fedora project blog post this is going to be a game changer . fedora 21 comes with 3 flavors for your desktop/laptop : Workstation release , for servers finally if you are spinning fedora as container then they have one minimal fedora version for cloud .

fedora 21

Whats New

Fedora 21 Cloud

Fedora Cloud includes images for private or public cloud like openstack and AMI for amzon aws , and “Atomic ” module kernel for running Docker containers .

In early April, Red Hat announced Project Atomic, an effort to provide the tools and patterns for a streamlined operating system to run containers. The Fedora 21 release is the first to offer an “Atomic” host for Fedora, which includes a minimal set of packages and an image composed with rpm-ostree.

Fedora 21 Atomic image includes Kubernetes and Cockpit for container management, and it will receive updates through the Fedora 21 release cycle .

Fedora 21 Workstation

  • Easy access to all your software
  • Improvements to the Terminal application
  • Experimental Wayland support
  • DevAssistant
  • Ease of installation
  • Web service integration
  • Support for high resolution displays (HiDPI)

Fedora 21 Server

  1. Fedora Server Management Features
  2. Domain Controller Server Role




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