how to create bootable live USB of fedora [ tutorial ]

Creating bootable USB of fedora is really simple and easy , you can use that USB to install fedora in other computer or just use as it is , but if you are using live USB you cannot save your work in USB you have to save it somewhere else in safe place , because this is not a persistence usb install  this is live install

Download : Fedora 
Download : Unetbootin

Demonstrated using  windows 8
and fedora 17 as live ISO 

It require at least 4GB of USB ( 8 GB recommended )

Steps :
Format your USB drive First 
Open unetbootin

Choose the correct  USB drive
it will take upto 10 to 15 minutes depend on your system

wait until it finish copying files

After that just choose USB as your first boot device and boot with USB
you can use as live USB or you can use this usb key to install fedora its depend on your need

have fun with fedora !

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