How to install Backtrack 5 in vmware step by step

Tutorial about , How to Install Backtrack in Vmware Workstation Step y step guide .

Prerequisites :

1 : Vmware workstation or Vmplayer

 Download Workstation

Download VMplayer

2 : Backtrack ISO

Installation Steps

Step 1:

Step 2 :

step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

step 6 :

Type “Startx” to get gui

Step 7 :
this will start installer
Step 7:
Then click forward and follow instruction 

then simply install like another ubuntu . after installation restart and see

VMware Tools In Backtrack 

### Installation video

full screenshots are here : Installation Screenshots

startx problem fix


  1. I also wanted to install BT 5 but on startup (before setting up) it always asked for boot image in a command prompt
    and for just hitting enter it said could not find kernel image :linux
    Plz help

  2. is it cause of display drivers…????

    m using vaio sve15136cnw..
    amd radeon hd 7650m

  3. i’ve bt5 r3 on vmware workstation 9….. but after login when i type ‘startx’ the gui wont start…instead my laptop restarts… how do i solve this issue,,,??? pls advice

        1. i’ve tied to edit the grub file by ‘gedit /etc/default/grub’ but i get an error saying

          gtk warning **: cannot open display:

  4. can we surf internet in backtrack using in vmware workstation ?? if yes then how ?

    1. if you have installed vmware tools in backtrack then u can simply drag and drop ion virtual machine
      or mount shared folder

      mount -t vmhgfs .host:/ /home/user1/shares

      [ Mounts all shares to /home/user1/shares ]

      or you can use USB drive to transfer just copy your files in USB drive and connect it to vm

  5. Can u provide how activate wired internet connection and wire less internet connection on backtrack5

  6. Pls.. Help it says this kernel requires an x86- x64 cpu but only detected an i686 CPU
    unable to boot pls use a kernel appropriate for your cpu
    i have asus x54c laptop dual core 2 gb ram

    1. I didn’t have any problem installing the x86 32bit version of BT5R3 on my Asus x54c i3 6gb ram. You might not have the right ISO. 64bit works just fine too. Now configuring resolutions and such, different story.

  7. i have downloaded bt5 r3…vmware player and i get an error that vmware could not detect any OS….i have downloaded multiple isos….all with the same error

  8. when i was tring to use gerix or other cracker it was showing the error as no monitor interface selected can u tell me how to set interface and monitor

  9. please answer me … witch is better ? Vmware player better or Vmware workstation for backtrack 5 r3 ???

    1. vmware player is free and lite version of workstation with minimal features
      both works good
      if you have workstation its good
      or if you have vmplayer its also work fine

  10. hey guys I am a complete novice, i haven’t installed any linux ever. pleas help i downloaded the 32 bit vmware file , its not an iso its already made virtual machine i installed it , i can see that when say type STARTX there is @rootbx or something like that written but in my case its written ” bt login “. PLEASE SOMEBODY GUIDE COZ I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. HELP PLEASE

    1. if you are a complete novice then you should try ubuntu or linux and not backtrack newaz the solution to your problem is simple the bt login being root and password toor but i will personally advice to explore ubuntu or fedora first then try exploring backtrack

  11. my issue is I am not trying to install BT into my VMware.. I am doing the opposite but can't find the right 'command line' to install the VMware Player. I am currently up and running
    Back Track 5, but want to install the VMware Player to add the Windows 7 virtual.
    I think once I have the correct install command line I should be good to go.
    any help is appreciated greatly.
    *email- aloha.siempre at gmail*

  12. first you get the bt ISO image then in VMware settings provide the ISO location after which the vm should run normally

  13. hello… im using VMware workstation.. but when i play bactrack on VMware workstation it come command like this " operating system not found"… why i cannot install backtrack5?

  14. hello i would like to ask you a question..Is there any problem if I have already installed as a second os bt r3?I mean i will not have any problems with windows and bt partitions right?thanks in advance:)

  15. hello i would like to ask you a question..Is there any problem if I have already installed as a second os bt r3?I mean i will not have any problems with windows and bt partitions right?thanks in advance.:)

  16. hello i would like to ask you a question..Is there any problem if I have already installed as a second os bt r3?I mean i will not have any problems with windows and bt partiotions right?

  17. I've installed BackTrack5 into VMware Player on my Windows machine.
    (NOT using it as a Live Boot DVD. It's an actual install.)

    Is there now a way to go in the OTHER direction?

    Take the VMware BackTrack5 installation and create a Live Boot DVD from it?

    I need to run a slightly modified BackTrack in another machine, that doesn't have VMware. So I can only use a Live Boot DVD there.

    (I was surprised how many drivers are missing from BackTrack.)

  18. i have downloaded the bt5r2 kde 32 … to install where is the .iso file…there is one file which is over 2 gb and that is .squashfs file…how to get the iso?(pardon me i m just a beginner)

  19. installing backtrack5 on a conputer its no problem lol but at vmware i cant – i dont have a install buttonon the desktop and the backtrack os cant find my wlan stick – whats the problem – ?
    its only with vmware …

  20. login username : root
    password : toor
    you will need to type 'startx' to enter into graphical mode

  21. i'm using dell inspiron 32 , when i install bt 5 it needs login what is that bt login and password. help me please

  22. INSTALLATION STUCKS IN THE BEGINNING at the screen with Copyright (ISOLINUX 3.63…..), nothing happens then

  23. try this 

    rm /root/.kde/cache-root/icon-cac­he.kcache
    rm /root/.kde/cache-root/plasma_t­heme_Volatile.kcache
    rm /root/.kde/cache-bt/icon-cache­.kcache
    rm /root/.kde/cache-bt/plasma_the­me_Volatile.kcache

  24. when i type startx i gives me a error ….. on my laptop which is dell inspiron n5110 with core i7 processor 4 gb ram .. what should i do???????????????

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