How to install vmware tools in backtrack 5 [ updated ]

okay , so you have installed backtrack on vmware workstation successfully , now install vmware tools to get most of backtrack virtual machine , okay so lets see install vmware tools in backtrack 5 .
Before installing vmware tools prepare kernel sources

 cd /usr/src/linux
 cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/

1. Select install vmware tools from vmware tools menu

2. If vmware tools disk is mounted then open it elif mount in manually on custom mount point elif if vm don’t have any connected disk drive then manually do it .

3. now extract tarball

`tar -xvzf VMwareToolsXXXX.tar.gz `

4. now change directory to that extracted folder and run perl script

5.just follow the installation process and installation reboot your vm


####6. enjoy backtrack  and leave me feedback