Common Password you Should Never Use

Password awareness 
According to an article published in Sophos  33% people (in thier resurch ) use use the same password on every single website. That means that if your password gets stolen in one place (like Gawker’s Gizmodo or Lifehacker websites), it can be used to unlock access to other sites too.

Are you one of the many people who is using a dangerously easy-to-guess password?
Maybe now’s the time to fix that before it’s too late.
Twitter, LinkedIn, World of Warcraft and Yahoo are amongst the popular websites which are advising users to change their passwords in light of the recent security breach at the Gawker Media family of sites.
 hackers know about the most commonly chosen passwords and are quick to try them out when trying to break into your accounts. Malware like the infamous Conficker worm have even had lists of commonly-used passwords built into them – and have used them to try to spread further.

So, clearly people need to get out of the habit of using the same password everywhere, and they also need to ensure that their passwords are not easy to guess or crack.

here is the video how to choose good password