Things To Know About Creepy Facebook Applications

Facebook Allow third parties to run their application in Facebook , that’s make Facebook so easy and fun , but its also give a chance to spammer to steal your data easily

have a look:
when you want to use any application ..

Backtrack-2011-06-05-20-09-33 - Copy
It means this disable your secure connection that means everything you will send I will send in plain text . and anyone can easily sniff what you are sending . So be careful


The Application will ask for several permission


It will ask permission for access your profile name , email id , profile picture, your friend list etc.…

so think twice before click on ALLOW button

real some article related this

UPDATE: Two further rogue applications have been identified as a part of this scam clickhere for the latest blog article.
A rogue Facebook application appears to be sending notifications that lead users to a credential harvesting site.

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