SET 4.0 ( social engineering toolkit ) is released [ sec news ]

Social engineering toolkit 4.0 is released with codename Balls of Steel this major release including 50 new tools and many other changes . they posted about this release on blog



To highlight some of the new major features, the Java Applet attack has been completely rewritten and obfuscated with added evasion techniques. All of the payloads have been heavily encrypted with a number of heavy anti-debugging tools put in place. PyInjector is now available on the Java Applet attack natively and deploys shellcode automatically through a byte compiled executable. The powershell attack vectors now support customized payload selection through the config/set_config. A new attack vector has been added called the Dell DRAC Attack Vector (default credential finder).


update your SET
by typing

[email protected]#cd /pentest/exploits/set ; svn up
have a happy hunting
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