Video Calling over Facebook

What do we mean by a video call?
for those who have never made a video call and don’t know how to do it… calling is like video chat like we chat over different messengers similarly we can video chat where we share our live video with our friends see them live and talk to them face to face virtually.for these we need a webcam and a microphone and internet connection but if you using a laptop you already have both so you need just a software to start. Making a video call over internet is free.
Which software supports video calling?
there are many softwares available for making a video call like every chat messenger be it yahoo messenger(,gtalk( or windows live messenger ( all have video call support.the most widely used is skype( but in all these you will need to make their email id like for yahoo messenger you need a yahoo id for gtalk gmail id for windows live messenger live id and for skype a skype id or username but now for those using facebook(almost everybody use it) you need not have these many ids because facebook+skype has made video calling possible in your browser itself so no extra software or username required.
to enable video calling over facebook on your account just log in to your account and get started through this :
you will see a page like above just click on get started then follow the steps to install facebook video calling plugin in your browser then refresh the page and you are done and from now on whenever you chat with a friend you will see video call button attached to your chat box like this
hope you have got it and are enjoying your video chat with friends over facebook.if you have any questions then please leave us a comment.

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