Send Files to your friends through torrent

Sending  files is always a difficult task  specially when you have files larger than 500 MB . there are many options like upload in some free file sharing site then send the link to your partner but then it will take huge time for you and your friends too .

or there is another way using ftp then sometimes when transfer is interrupted then it restart again and again it kind of annoying , well no more harassing here is a handy tip ,

send your huge files using torrent over p2p  (peer to peer ) its easy and simple you don’t have to worry about file resume and its use protocol encryption so its secure also , What is torrent and p2p

Bit Torrent, Explained. from Bit Torrent, Inc.. on Vimeo. let me show you how to do that in simple steps

1 : download uTorrent from here :

download and install uTorrent .

2 : drag and drop files and get the link

3: send your link to friend

all have to do just copy and paste link  in browser

4: when done remove torrent from torrent client

for removing torrent just click on cross button from top toolbar and hit ok

Done !

enjoy transferring file’s using p2p you can share this file to many people at once

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