How to browser blocked websites from college or office

Many times you want to browse some sites but your service provider don’t allow you to browse for e.g. you want to browse Facebook or google plus from your school or college wi-fi and your school wi-fi doesn’t allow you to do  so then you can use these applications to browse .

so here is the three ways to browse

1 : ultrasurf


this is really useful software just 1 Mb large and its allow you to browse any restricted sites


2: XeroBank browser


XeroBank’s internet privacy software suite gives you the tools to anonymously access the internet. The XeroBank Installer includes xB Browser, xB Mail, and xB VPN. Internet privacy software evades tracking, logging, cookies, spyware, and does not leave personally identifiable information.

3 : ssh port forward

connect to your home or vpn by ssh using putty in windows and forward a local port to over ssh
this will create a socks4/5 proxy in your local machine then configure your browser to use that proxy


details about ssh port forwarding covered here
read it try it and share with us your experience
have fun !
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