5 must have pidgin plugins

okay , you freshly installed a multiprotocol messenger called “PIDGIN” and you added your login details and start chatting but you want some extra features .

well pidgin plugins may help you , here is 5 plugins you should checkout

1 : guifications


a toaster popup plugin .. it notify you when any one start typing or logged in
link : https://www.guifications.org/

2 : text replacement

be smart use this plugin to auto-correct common mistakes like  you mistypes about   in place of about then it will automatically correct it


3 : enhanced history

An enhanced versoin of the history plugin. Grants ability to select the number of previous conversations to show instead of just one.


link https://www.guifications.org/ 

4 : pidgin encrypt


encrypt you all out going and incoming messages using this plugin
download link http://space.dl.sourceforge.net/project/pidgin-encrypt/Windows%20Self-Installer/pidgin-encryption-3.1.exe
project home : http://pidgin-encrypt.sourceforge.net

5 : music tracker

last but not the least use this plugin to set current playing track as your status


try another plugins