Xiki Shell and Xiki project kickstarting for future development

Xiki is awesome new shell from Craig Muth , xiki has some features that going to change the way we think about shell , its has some exciting and new features like built-in file browser in shell and text-editor onboard .

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xiki developers kickstarting xiki’s upcoming new and improved version
aiming $80,000 to start new and improved version of xiki

From Kickstart Page :

What the money will be used for

If this campaign succeeds, the money will let me dedicate the time needed to bring this next, drastically improved, version of Xiki to the world. Xiki plugins for Sublime and Vim will be created. The installer and initial user experience will be greatly improved (largely by adding contextual menus everywhere). The integration with the shell will be improved. To enable supporting new Xiki plugins, the core of Xiki will be refactored. It will do the heavy lifting so the plugins will no longer have to.

Project Plan

Refactor of the Xiki core: 3 months
Supporting 2 new text editors or IDEs: 4 months (likely Vim and Sublime, but it depends on what everyone votes for – also which one is implemented first depends on the votes)
Fulfilling Kickstarter Rewards: 4 months
Install Process improvement: 1 month
Initial user experience improvement: 1 month
Improved integration with the shell: 1 month


How to Install

Install RVM

\curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash
rvm install ruby-1.9.3

install Xiki

gem install xiki --pre

if it doesn’t work for you

git clone git://github.com/trogdoro/xiki.git
cd xiki
gem install bundler   
ruby etc/command/copy_xiki_command_to.rb /usr/local/bin/xiki 

Support Xiki Project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xiki/xiki-the-command-revolution?ref=card

Github Project Link : https://github.com/trogdoro/xiki

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