5 tips to quickly boost up your PC performance

here is a quick tips to boost up your pc performance .

1 : minimum  visual style :

lots of visual style and tweaks use more and more space of your PC’s memory , so if its not necessary then turn them off it will save lots of space of your ram
for turning for best performance . follow these simple steps

  • open computer properties ,right click on my computers and click on properties
  • click on Advance System Settings from side on system properties window

    • Click on adjust for best performance

* if you  have RAM more than 2GB , then its not necessary  ..(use above if you have low memory )

2 : delete temporary files

    • press  windows+R   to open run command
    • type %temp% hit enter
    • select  and delete un-necessary temporary files   ( use carefully )

3 : disable unwanted startup application

press windows+R to open run command
choose and enable or disable any program from startup tab

4 :defragment your hard drive

  • open my computer
  • right click on any drive and click on properties

  • click on defragment now


click on analyze disk then choose the drive do you want to defragment then click on defragment disk option

5: un-install unwanted toolbars and applications

  • open control panel
  • click on applications and programs
  • choose and uninstall programs that you are not in use

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