Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha released

Per Øyvind Karlsen, the project leader for Mandriva Linux 2012 Development, just announced the release of the first Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha, codenamed – Tenacious Underdog.

The new Alpha Features:
  • Faster, smaller and much improved installer;
  • Text mode Installer;
  • A slimmer and much improved rescue mode;
  • Dual Arch CD ISO has been much improved with a more complete set of packages;
  • LXDE now shipped by default;
  • Swith to linaro’s gcc 4.7 branch;
  • HAL has finally been removed;
  • KDE 4.9.0;
  • Tons of other updates, packages and bug fixes.The race is on. We’re still not dead! Thanks to all that make it possible.

The road-map : see here.


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