Need For Speed : The Run OR NFS16


The game starts with a character name Jack who is probably one of the best drivers but he owe some money of some bad people who all are after him to kill him and here is where the game begins with the character in red porsche carrera s 911 and his hands are tied to the steering wheel and the car is being landed in the garbage crusher machine to crush him with the car from where you will have to make him run away in an audi.Here i would request them to not to crush such lovely cars instead give it to me as a gift and think that they have crushed the car.

As a start the story seems to be good with all the police vehicles ramming your vehicle and firing at you which is new in the series like the police can fire at you.Then this girl named Sam lets this guy to enter into a race which is a run from san francisco to new york thats why the name of the game and on the way you may get anything like valleys and mountains dense traffic to police through which you will have to make out and reach new york as the best driver among 250 best drivers including you to owe the winning money and pay your debts.The game graphics is undoubtedly good – the roads,the environment but the car looks good at the starting of the race but it has got some realistic feeling like excellent car damage graphics not so good handling and yes you cannot modify the car on your own as it comes pre-modified.If your car gets wrecked you are reseted to last checkpoint and in each race you get a maximum of 5 resets and at the end if you dont use any you earn 100xp points as 20xp/reset.

During the run you improve your position and your driver level.The game mostly consists of two races like checkpoint and improve your position type and one thing to add on is that you can change your car in middle of the race if you find a gas station in a race you can get over it to get a brand new car or a different car but yes the cars would be limited and will increase as you go on improving your level and skill.The nitrous gets filled up as you drive fast and show some good driving skills so you have enough nitrous in your hand.

The game is full of boring races,cars with improper handling and even a child or amateur can win over races where you have to run your car on widest roads and wide shortcuts seen clearly on map and story is forgotten after a good start and the continuation is seen much after a long wait.

Now the question arises whether to buy the game or not ??

Frankly — “Buy it at your own risk,the game is not worth it”

For the NFS geeks i will say you will be very disapointed with this one but still if you wanna add this to your old collections go for it but you will feel as a child as the car running with 250mph in game feels like it is slower than 100kmph in practical only practical about car is damage.

For the newbies(who have never played a racing game) if you look forward to buy this game after looking that michael bay trailer and you are excited then please go for call of duty modern warfare 3 instead wasting money on this but if you wanna go for a racing game then you may go after this.

For those who have played a racing game and looking forward something new then this can prove you better but not the best so the choice is yours but i would prefer to go for other racing games like Driver : San Francisco to show some real driving skills otherwise for race nfs is good.

Or some may buy it to see the two super hot models in the game but you will have to wait long to see them.
worried whether the game will run on your pc or not ??
I tested it on my pc (i7,4gb ram,1gb graphics radeon hd and 18gb hdd space)
see full required specifications by clicking below….

In total the game is like 6.5/10.

Thank You…..leave your views also about the game.