how to install fedora17 in virtualbox [ tutorial ]

In this tutorial i will show you how to install fedora 17 in virtualbox step by step guid . so just follow these steps and by the end you will be able to install fedora inside your virtualbox . so lets get started

Download :  Fedora
Download : virtualbox

Stpes :

  1. open virtualbox click on new
  2. name the virtual machine select type : linux ,  and version : fedora
  3. click Continue and Select Memory Size : 1024MB
  4. Create a Virtual Hard drive and give it a type : VMDK ( so you can use it with vmware also )
  5. select the size of Virtual Hard Drive : 13GB
  6. click create
  7. open settings of new created fedora virtual machine
  8. go storage tab and add bootable fedora DVD
  9. click on start and wait
  10. go with normal installation process
  11. check use all space in hard drive process ( because its fresh install if you are installing with another operating system see other options )
  12. installation will take upto 15 to 20 minutes
after installation process
  1. enter your use name and other info
  2. and simply login with your credentials
video tutorial :

Have fun !

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