What’s new in Windows Phone 8.1



Today at Microsoft Build Conference, Microsoft announced the new update coming to Windows Phone devices named Windows Phone 8.1 but does the update has the features which will lure other smartphone users to switch to Windows Phone.

Lets find it out–

1.Starting with the new feature is the voice assistant app like Siri named Cortana which is powered by Bing and will work similarly like Google Now and Siri. Except this we do not have any new feature in the update.

2.Enhancement of Personalization — Now you can add your own wallpaper in the start screen which may or may not be transparent through some tiles. From the start screen itself the smartphone will be yours. Adjust the size of tiles and rearrange them

3.With more megapixels getting added day by day its necessary to have real life picture on your smartphone and edit it on the go.Photo apps will have more features to enhance the camera click of your phone

4.Windows 8.1 everywhere– data in one device, synchronized everywhere. With apps like Skype,Office,Bing and One Drive which were updated recently to provide real time synchronization across all devices. Even entertainment like Xbox Music and Xbox Game,Xbox Smart Glass beta

5.New Apps counting everyday– apps which are not yet available in windows phone are slowly making their into this like blackberry announced that bbm will be made available soon for windows phone

6.Move apps to SD card

7.More Battery Saving

8.Quick Access to Wi-Fi and bluetooth– now with one swipe you can switch on and off your Wifi and Bluetooth

9.Fast typing in keyboard– keyboard made easy with quick access to the symbols

10.All notification under one screen


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