Google’s Siri

iris. (alpha)Iris==Siri   OR  Google’s Siri(Iris)==Apple’s Siri
Iris or siri read from right to left is an application to compete with much known application of apple ‘Siri’ which is a tool introduced in iphone 4s or with ios5 which interacts with the user and reminds him/her of almost everything,helps to navigate,helps to browse,etc…
Now the tool is not only limited to the iphone users but also is available on android as iris from google to compete in the market of smartphones with iphone or to say android vs ios .
But the application is not that perfect in voice recoginiton and may land you somewhere else but still is good as a start and we can think that google will update with such fixes very soon.
to download the application visit : Iris App.
for android users….
lets wait for the windows phone and see what it can show us to get into the race