Triangle Tablet – Soon can become a Reality

If you are bored with the same four corner tablets and you are looking forward for some change.
Then this post can make you feel better and exciting, because very soon you can have a triangle shaped tablet in your hand.
When most people watched a frictional triangluar shaped tablet on “The Office”,an American comedy Television Series broadcasted by NBC, Eric Calisto who runs a online tutoring site, came up with an idea of developing one.
Calisto thinks that Apple owns copyrights and patent rights to any design that is rectangular in shape .So, to avoid being sued in future, he came up with this idea.
Calisto launched Kickstarter Project to fund this development.He need around $25,000 to produce a sufficient number of such tablets.  is an online funding platform for creative projects.
This tablet will run on Android.
In an e-mail interview, Calisto mentioned, “Tablets are interesting to me. I enjoy building things, and I love ‘The Office.’ Why not combine the three?”
This is just a beginning guys there are still lot more to come. Thanks!!!