XBOX 360

The new update to xbox360 upgrades it to a new and complete different look.The update will automatically be notified when you connect to xbox live through your xbox.The look seems to be amazing and it shows that Microsoft is bringing its new ‘metro style’ to each of its devices whether it is windows 8,windows phone 7.5 and now xbox.Microsoft is completely changing its software for the touch generation with its ‘metro style’.Just have a look at what the new update looks like …
(screenshot of my sony tv connected to my xbox360)

when you start your xbox360 after the update this will be the welcome screen showing your profiles

after signing into your profile with xbox live this is the home screen

the different tabs (or the menu) of your home screen (bing,home,social,games,apps,settings)

social tab

games tab

apps tab

settings tab

social apps inside the social tab

game marketplace accessed through the games tab which brings you to its featured tab

games tab in the game marketplace section

add-on tab of the game marketplace

extras tab of the game marketplace

demos tab in the game marketplace

the apps marketplace which is accessed through the apps tab in the home screen

xbox360 has added youtube app where you can access the youtube and see videos on your tv

facebook and twitter app to get you connected socially

while some apps are free while other require a xbox live gold membership

dailymotion app is the newest app added

we can be sure of more interesting and useful apps being added soon

in all the above screens you can see the ‘metro style’ used which changes the whole interface

all seems to be good but playing media disc containing music or video files seems not to be straight where you have to use your media remote or through ‘xbox guide’ button on your controller you can access those media easily

also the update has a complain of making the graphics quality of some games dull which looked brighter in the old dashboard but we may have the fix soon if it to be fixed

till then happy gaming!! and wait for more stuffs and updates for your xbox360.