How to download Torrents [ Quick Guide ]

Downloading a torrent file is very easy thing to do.It is very helpful if you have slow internet connection and if you want to download a large file over multiple sessions(i.e.stop and resume at your own leisure).

You just need the following assets :

Any one of the bittorrent clients


Uttorent   :

Emule      :

Vuze       :

Bittorrent :

After downloading any one of the above bittorrent clients, install it on your computer.


Then download or save a .torrent file on your computer .


After finish saving or downloading the file right-click on your torrent file and browse your bittorrent client that you have downloaded in the directory where you have installed it.
When you finish finding your bittorrent client, select it and click OK.

Done !!!Now your bittorrent client will start downloading that torrent file.

You can pause your download as many times you require and let it finish easily.


If you have any queries or doubt then just leave us a comment.Thanks!!!

Note: I downloaded ubuntu 11.10 from

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