Careto Masked APT – Advance Sophisticated Malware till date discovered by Kaspersky Researchers

Posted on  2/11/2014

Kaspersky Researchers discovered and announced that they discovered most advance malware till date , after flame . according to PUTNA CANA A group of high-level , nation-state attackers has been targeting government agencies , embassies , diplomatic offices and energy companies for more than five years , the attack used the word “Careto” ( means “Mask” , “ugly face ” in spanish ) , that malware has been stealing sensitive data such as encryption keys and SSH keys and wiping and deleting data .


according to threatpost this campaign has been going since 2007 .according to Kaspersky lab attackers has at least one zero-day in their arsenal , along with different version of the mask Malware for MacOSX , Linux , and perhaps even iOS and Android based devices .

 “These guys are better than the Flame APT group because of the way that they managed their infrastructure,The speed and professionalism is beyond that of Flame or anything else that we’ve seen so far.”
— Costin Raiu

Costin Raiu reviled the details of attack in Kaspersky secure analyst summit . research papers is available on securelist website .

attackers used methods like spear-phishing to redirect normal users to malicious website where exploit were hosted . mostly they used CVE-2012-0773 and Adobe Flash vulnerability that was discovered by VUPEN ( French security firm ) . mask attackers targeted MacOSX and Linux machines along with Windows as well as some mobile platforms ( android , iOS ) .

Research Document (65 Pages PDF )

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