Five remote desktop solutions

have you ever felt that you want to control your home computers from your school or office , then you might want to setup something to do that ,
here is five way to do it .

TeamViewer  :  teamviewer is free and tiny remote desktop client loaded with almost every feature that you are  gonna need during the remote session . 

some key features are . tiny its about 3MB small software for windows 
available cross platforms , means its also available for windows , Linux , mac , android and iPhone 
see a detailed post about teamviewer

LogMeIn : this is oldest remote desktop client made for creating hassle free connection to your PC by a simple browser,
it comes with variety   of flavors , 
it has free and paid versions ,paid version some nice features like drag and drop file sharing and meeting options 

TightVNC :
tight vnc is available for linux and widnows its free and open source , but with tight vnce you need to setup a vnc server in your pc then you can access through client or web browser

windows inbuilt remote desktop : 

windows has its inbuilt remote desktop client which is 

works really nice , but some time if you need to connect to pc by windows remote desktop client then you need to forward ports from your router to your pc and you have to enable remote desktop connection in that pc where you want to connect

ultravnc : 
ultra vnc is open source windows only remote desktop application,n. UltraVNC supports a hefty feature set, including text chat, file transfer support, and support for optional can access your computer from any operating system using your web browser