how to enable remote desktop in windows 7

Windows remote desktop comes with the bundle of windows but before connecting to  remote computer you need to activate windows remote desktop service in that (remote) PC

I am going to show you the steps how to enable remote desktop in windows
so , lets get started .

setting remote desktop access in Windows


1 . Right click on my computer

2 . Click on properties
3 . Click on remote tab from top
Check the allow remote connection boxes
Open firewall settings
  • open up advance settings
  • allow remote desktop
Connecting to remote machine
  • open run by typing “ctrl + r “
  • type “mstsc”
  • this will open remote desktop client in your pc
Type the name of pc you want to connect (you might get an error because if you have multiple network interfaces or if you or remote machine is not a part of domain then its possible that you will get error )
try to connect using ip it will work surely
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