C Programming – From The Very Scratch


Getting Ready with C Compilers

Now in order to start with C programming,we need to have a compiler which will compile our codes to machine understandable language.
C programming language is high level language,which means that machine will not be able to follow it.So, in order to make our machine understandable we have to use a compiler.
If you are a Windows user then you can try any one of the following compilers:

Download dev C++

download code-blocks

Download any one of the above compiler and find out which one is suitable for you.
If you are a Linux user then you don’t have to download and install any compiler because in Linux there is a built in GCC compiler present.
For this course I will use Linux built in compiler.
Don’t worry whatever codes that I will use will work fine in all the above Windows compiler.
If you are ready with your compiler then lets get started.
If you have any problem regarding installation of any of the above compiler then feel free to ask.