Battlefield 3

game start
main menu offline

the campaign

Battlefield 3 has a good story to which is curious to know about but the two investigators find it hard to believe.The story is depicted in a flashback style and you are explaining in front of two men but the gameplay out of the story is not so interesting which makes the whole campaign dull.Blackburn(you) is out with his team for Al Bashir but this man is again is used by Solomon(villain) with whom you have to fight all alone in the end as almost all your teammates have died.

Gameplay is restricted and you are not free to use anything by your own be it vehicle or entering somewhere and also the number of weapons is limited to you.In one mission you are on a fighter plane just to wait for the order for you to control.

falling from the sky

Graphics is awesome but not much variety as you have small maps however whatever is seen feels real except the cars.

end part of the campaign
 some part of the missions are challenging but on a whole you can manage it all as we have the autosave enable and the missions get saved much frequently.

 The campaign is very short but if you love online play and like such first-person shooter war-type game then this can prove the best otherwise the game is not worth it and surely Modern Warfare 3 will be much more enjoyable.
Multiplayer is just at its best with overwhelming experience and surely if you play your campaign well you have many unlockables which can prove good for multiplayer gaming where the gameplay proves better and no doubt about graphics which is all time good.

solomon over you (ending part of campaign)

 The game scores 7/10 and that too much for its multiplayer.

Good Work Team!! ….its all about teamwork and you are bounded in every situation and will have to do as your team desires.