how to solve windows 7 aero effect problem step by step

today when i tried to change my windows 7 theme i noticed that something is different there was many themes which was installed but i was unable to select anyone from them . it was looking like this 

if you are suffering with same problem then follow these instructions to solve that problem 
first of all try simple way to resolve that problem 
there is a tool inbuilt in windows 7 to solve problems automatically 
click on troubleshoot problem
check apply repair automatically from advance tab
solve now choose your theme
if you managed to solve your problem by above method then its good otherwise try advance level 
  • right click my computer and click on manage
  • in manage windows go to services tab
  • search for “theme service ” and enable it 
  • search for “windows desktop manager” service and enable it 
change the theme service properties
windows 7 aero effect
after doing all these troubleshooting method you will get your shiny windows 7 desktop 
congrats !