how to block an advertisement on page using Ad-block

In this quick tutorial i will show you how to block and ad on page . in this tutorial i will show you how to remove unwanted ad from Facebook because i know many of you don’t like Facebook advertisements and you spend time more on Facebook then others sites.

steps :
1 : download ad-block plus

here is the link for downloading ad-block extension its available in all major browsers and steps are pretty same for all browser

when you open you see creepy advertisements like this 

 let them block 

2 : decide what you want to block

3 : lets block them 
right click and from ad-block menu choose block ad on this page

Then choose part from page which you want to block and click on it

it will show you info about what it blocking so in future you can remove from extensions options 

what it does when you click on block it option its caret a filter so next time when you load the page its don’t load that content again 

you can undo this change by simple tools>extension>ad-block>option 
and remove that filter 

4 : leav a comment about your experience 
enjoy ad free browsing