“An unknown error has occurred ” app store login problem solution hackintosh

After upgrading my hackintosh installation to mountain lion 10.8.2 .. i start facing weird problem and that was whenever i tried to login to apple my apple account . iTunes and iCloud worked well but App Store its start throwing “An unknown error has occurred ” .
Previously I faced other problem , and it was solved it with inserting ” PCIRootID = 1 ” in my boot plist
but this problem was not that simple .. after searching and looking at logs .. if found a perfectly working solutionProblem Looks Like This :

apple app store login problem

Steps to solve this problem :

Before Doing Anything Make sure you have ” en0 ” as your primary interface 
1 :  download EFI studio and chameleon wizard
2 :  Open EFI studio
3: click on Select Device and from drop-down choose Ethernet  and Click Add Device 
4: copy HexString to clipboard
5: manually add device properties in org.chameleon.Boot.plist or use chameleon wizard app6 : paste and click save
7 :  updated chameleon boot plist will look like this
8: Repair Permissions and reboot 

have fun


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  1. i have try many many time.. and always the same result.. qhen i edit chameleon boot. i get black screen on boot.. what can i do?

  2. I get the same weird error in SNow Leaopard, and have already lost Rs 180 (Rs 60 per try) to Apple’s holding charges. Will this fix work on 10.6.8?

    1. not sure about 10.6 series never tested .. but verification model is same
      if you are using chameleon bootloader then use above method and first remove your credit card info from ap*le account
      then try it

      all the best

    1. open network preferences and delete if you have nay network adapters click on “+” from left bottom and select automatic select interface and service anything you want enter you IP and DNS if it requires now open terminal and type “ifconfig”
      and verify that “en0” is listed
      then download and open EFI studio and follow above guide

  3. What do you mean in step 7? After I hit save in Chamelion Wizard what do I do?

    What does it mean by repair permissions and reboot?

    Thanks so much

    1. open repair disk permission either using kext wizard , kext-utility ( rebhuild cache only ) , or simply open disk-utility and choose mountain lion disk and click repair disk permissions permissions

  4. Hello Alok,

    I have tried so many suggestions to fix this problem, and have just went through the process you have laid out here — but it still did not fix it.

    My login continues to be successful for iTunes and iCloud, but I still cannot get into the App Store.


  5. Hi Alok!

    I´m having some issues in my Mountain Lion fresh install.

    I cannot make a properly use of my ATI HD 5450, it´s working on 1080p but it is getting flicky in youtube and on certain adds. Maybe something about Flash?

    Also, i´m using a Asus mobo (p8h61) and i´m getting infinite booting. Could only boot using my usb drive.

    Could you please help me?



    1. Hell Martin
      download and install chimera bootloader using multibeast ( download from http://www.tonymacx86.com )

      and for flicky problem
      download patched kexts from

      or manually edit two files
      1 : ATI5000Controller.kext ( add your vendor id and devise id under IOpcmatch )
      2 : AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext ( add your vendor id and devise id under cedar properties )

  6. Yesss it works! Thank you I had this problem since I transfered my vmware macos to a physical disk to use it as a primary os. I created a backup copy using disk util and I think it was the root of the problem.

    Thank you to have shared this!

  7. mine longer booted as well. was able to get it back using the mtn lion install usb and deleted the lines through vim in terminal. is there followup method?

  8. I've got this problem in Snow Leopard I downloaded EFI Studio selected Ethernet and clicked Add Device and it says device not found on this machine.

  9. try to boot with


    if it don't work
    insert mountain lion usb and open termianl from utilities and edit org.chameleon.Boot.Plist

    and remove that string and key

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