Apple Released Mavericks as a Free update

Apple’s released first mavericks series OS for all mountain lion users for FREE yes its free upgrade , along with free iBooks , and suite of new apps and polished looks . 

What’s new in Mavericks

1 . Finder with tagging 

tags introduced in mavericks , it’s a kind of new way to organize photos music and documents etc .


2 : iOS like notifications 

now you can reply on messages etc without leaving current app 


3 .iBook 

iBook is one of the new features of apple mavericks , at the start it will populate your existing pdf and books into library additionally you can download many books from store . overall iBooks gives you clean reading experience in mavericks . 



4 : Maps 

when mavericks was firstly introduced maps was the one of the major features of mavericks now maps is inbuilt in mavericks with very good quality . you can send maps to your phone via maps app , its feel better see direction on bigger screen you can transfer map details on iPhone or iPad anytime you want . like google maps its has three views standard  satellite and hybrid . 


Pretty much polished and smooth mavericks is ready to rock your Mac . see full list of features and changes

Mavericks Download Link 

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