Virtual-box 4.3 released with video capturing and touch support

popular open-source virtualization platform virtual-box dev team released virtualbox 4.3 with one of the major features of video capturing and support for touch support and OS that support full touch ( windows 8.1 ) . now if you want to capture the session of vm then you can record the video right in the virtual-box without any third-party apps .


major changes

  • VMM: major rewrite of the VT-x code and the AMD-V code including many bug fixes and performance improvements
  • VMM: introduced a lightweight instruction interpreter for situations not handled by hardware virtualization
  • GUI: extended messaging mechanism (new non-modal popup overlays used to show non-critical warnings and provide user with additional information)
  • GUI: keyboard shortcuts management (input page of global preferences extended with possibility to edit general keyboard shortcuts for VirtualBox Manager and Virtual Machine)
  • GUI: video capturing support
  • Added USB touch device emulation
  • Added experimental support for webcam passthrough complementing USB passthrough (see the manual for more information)
  • Added SCSI CD-ROM emulation, including boot support
  • VRDP: support for IPv6
  • Guest Control: guest sessions now are running in dedicated, impersonated session processes (needs at least Guest Additions 4.3 installed)
  • Guest Control: implemented IGuestFile support
  • NAT: experimental virtual router mode: several VMs are attached to the same internal network and share one NAT service (see the manual for more information)

See full change-log :

Download :

download virtualbox :

for Ubuntu open :


or create new virtualbox.list under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/   and open in text editor

and add

deb raring contrib

then open terminal

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.3

after installing virtualbox install extension pack to get most of it , it provide support for usb2.0 and VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot for Intel cards.


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