Working ATI 5450 Graphics In Hackintosh Step by Step

In this tutorial i’ll  show you how to get working graphics  ATI 5450 in Lion 10.7.3 hackintosh

i am assuming that you already installed boot-loader  and other kexts if you dont you should install them first, for more on installation guides see and get back here when you install everything except graphics 
NOTE  : I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! use google for other troubleshooting 


1 : Open Terminal and paste these commands to ShowAll Files 

          $ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
          $ killall Finder

2 : Figure out your graphics device ID
  • about this mac
  • more info
  • system report
  • click on graphics/displays from left sidebar 
3 :Add your Device ID to ATi5000controller.kext and ATiReadeonx3000.kext.
  • GO to System/Library/Extensions 
  • then find one of the above Kexts and show package contents  
  • Contents 
  • add you dev id to info.plist under IOPCIMatch
4: delete all ATI related Kexts and injectors EXCEPT these 7 : 
  1. ATIRadeonX3000GA.plugin
  2. ATIFramebuffer.kext
  3. ATIRadeonX3000GLDriver.bundle
  4. ATIRadeonX3000VADriver.bundle
  5. ATI5000Controller.kext
  6. ATIRadeonX3000.kext
  7. ATISupport.kext
5 : set GraphicsEnabler = Yes 
6 : Repair permission through kext utility 
7 : reboot

Watch It in Action 

enjoy hackintosh 

UPDATE :  Boot recover and recovery method from kernel panic 

update :  mountain lion update : see here 

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