xampp starting problem after installing Microsoft web-matrix

after installing microsoft web-matrix if your xampp control pannel show that system is using port 80
and you are unable to start xampp control pannel
then here is two methods you can get working xampp installation

1 : disabling web-matrix web deployment service
Steps : 

  • click on start and search for ‘services’
  • open services 
  • look for ‘web deployment agent service’
  • stop that services or change properties to manual 
  • restart xamp 
  • done !

2 : changing Apache Listening port (recommended)

  • open apache configuration file ( httpd.conf )  
  • open with notepad 
  • find ‘ listen ‘
  • change port 88 
  • use http://localhost:88
  • done 

please share this if it was helpful for you