accessing windows remote desktop from different platforms(android , linux, mac )

 In this guide i will take you through different ways to access Microsoft windows inbuilt remote desktop service so you can access your PC easily without facing any problem . 

see tutorial how to enable windows remote desktop

1 : accessing from WINDOWS

accessing windows remote desktop from windows is easy windows remote desktop is comes with the bundle of windows and require nothing external to run .

for stating remote desktop client 

  • Click the Start button , click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run.
  • In the Open box, type mstsc.

  • this will open Microsoft remote desktop client window 
  • enter address of another pc 
  • and click connect 

2 : accessing from ANDROID  
android has also many option to connect to your pc via windows remote desktop , you can use these following tow android application to connect 

  1. PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC

    downlaod from google play store 

  1. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client

  2. Remote RDPdownload lite version from google play store  

3 : accessing  from LINUX 

most of linux distributions comes with the inbuilt remote desktop viewer
if you are in Ubuntu or mint you can use remote desktop viewer client or
you can use tight vnc

  • open remote desktop client 
  • enter the address of pc 
  • hit connect 

4 : accessing  from MAC 
if you in mac you can download official microsoft remote desktop client for you mac

microsoft remote desktop client for mac

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