Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the freedom to design anything you can imagine. It’s the digital hub that lets you download and install any of the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop apps you want, plus Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge preview software.You can pre-order now both for CS6 and Creative Cloud Subscription.

Use included cloud storage and device syncing to reliably access your work and collaborate anywhere — on desktops or laptops, and even on tablets with new Adobe Touch Apps.Plus, it’s easy to publish, manage, and host websites(upto 5) through your membership.

Best of all, your affordable monthly membership keeps you up to date, with access to new features and upgrades as soon as they’re released. Get the latest Creative Suite features between major updates, new tablet publishing features coming soon, and much more.

 As said earlier Creative Cloud Subscription includes both Creative Suite family and Adobe Touch family and also hosting of websites.The total bunch of software available to you as a member of Creative Cloud are:

 Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge preview are two new products from Adobe for HTML5 support.Adobe Prelude and Adobe SpeedGrade are two new products in upcoming CS6 and Adobe Proto,Adobe Ideas,Adobe Debut,Adobe Collage,Adobe Kuler and Adobe Photoshop Touch comes under Adobe Touch Family.

Design it!!!!