Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is released , not yet available for public download

canonical teams announced the at london in blog post of canonical they posted about new release and its major features .
major changes in ubuntu according to post from canonicals is integration with cloud apps and support for web apps .

Ubuntu 12.10 breaks down the barrier between the PC and the web
Ubuntu 12.10 integrates the desktop and the Internet, enabling people to easily access content and applications – whether the live locally or online.
Ubuntu 12.10 makes it possible to integrate the most popular web-based applications as if they were native applications
Ubuntu 12.10 is the perfect alternative for anyone considering a move to Windows 8 – providing a modern operating system that works naturally across devices.

New and improvements

  • Nautilus file manager sticks at version 3.4
  • New GRUB 2 boot loader
  • Software Updater simplified
  • Unity revs to 6.8.0; Unity 2D is dropped; previews added
  • Graphics makeover for Ubuntu Greeter and the default theme
  • Linux kernel  version 3.5
  • Python 3 
  • Disk image is now 800MB,  USB is required for installation 
  • Dash search returns online results from Ubuntu One and Amazon
  • Dash preview
  • Remote login/remote desktop access added 
  • New Dash Photo lens; new Gwibber icon
  • New Share Links tab in Ubuntu One Control Panel
  • New centralised management support online accounts

Public download is still not available but it will available very soon for download keep checking download page

download page :http://www.ubuntu.com/download
Source : http://www.canonical.com/content/ubuntu-1210-breaks-down-barrier-between-pc-and-web

UPDATE :  https://www.computersnyou.com/2012/10/ubuntu-1210-available-for-download-new.html

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