how to install LAMP stack ( Linux,Apache,Mysql and php ) in Ubuntu 12.04

Installing LAMP ( Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP)

you are in ubuntu,  so linux is already you installed 
installing remaining 
Apache, MySQL,and PHP in Ubuntu 
install tasksel : tasksel is really small and awesome utility to installing server components 

  • sudo apt-get install -y tasksel 
open tasksel by opening terminal and typing tasksel
  • sudo -i
  • [ your password ]
  • tasksel 
  • choose LAMP press tab to navigate  
  • and click OK 
  • and wait untill it finish downloading 

  • it will ask you for enter new mysql password 
Enter MySql new root  Password 
  • after everything done
  • enjoy lamp stack 
start apache by typing
  • /etc/init.d/apache start 
  • and open browser and navigate to : http://localhost
  • if you want to test php then open a text editor and type 
  • save it as info.php in your local www directory ( /var/www/)
  • and open http://localhost/info.php    

NOTE :  all configuration is for local development environment don’t apply on a production environment 
Enjoy LAMP stack 
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