Creating Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Live USB

create live usb of ubuntu 12.04 beta with unetbootin very easy and quickly , after creating usb its ready to use as live usb whenever and where ever you want to use , you can use it to install ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin ,

What You Need 

  • 8 GB USB drive (pen-drive)
  • ubuntu 12.04 ISO image file 
  • unetbootin application 

1 : Download  ISO Image of ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin from


or download 32bit Ubuntu CD image from this direct download link 

2 : download Unetbootin for your operating system
or download windows version directly

Important :
all the content of usb drive will be removed make sure that you have backed up your data first

choose usb drive correctly 
Windows :  choose correct drive letter
Mac : find correct usb drive info from disk utility choose mounted usb and click info from toolbar 
Linux : find using gparted or some other disk-tool 
make sure you have choose correct drive 

Lets Get Started 

open Unetbootin 

  1. click on ISO checkbox and choose ISO file 
  1. make sure you selected correct image and correct USB drive
  1. click OK
  2. wait untill finish

tested on mobalive usb 

remove safely USB drive, use it anywhere