Installing LXC ( linux containers ) with LXC web pannel in ubuntu

What is LXC

Linux Containers (LXC) are lightweight virtualization technology and provide a free software virtualization system for computers running GNU/Linux, This is accomplished through kernel level isolation, It allows one to run multiple virtual units (containers) simultaneously on the same host.

  • manage resources using PCG ( process control groups ) implemented via cgroup filesystem
  • Resource isolation via new flags to the clone(2) system call (capable of create several types of new namespace for things like PIDs and network routing)
  • Several additional isolation mechanisms (such as the “-o newinstance” flag to the devpts filesystem).

The LXC package combines these Linux kernel mechanisms to provide a userspace container object, a lightweight virtual system with full resource isolation and resource control for an application or a system.

Installing LXC ( ubuntu 13.04 )

 $ sudo apt-get install lxc lxctl lxc-templates

Creating container

$ sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n ubuntu
$ sudo lxc-start -n ubuntu

Login in container

$ sudo lxc-console -n ubuntu -t 1

Install LXC web panel

$ sudo apt-get install lxc debootstrap bridge-utils -y
$ sudo su
$ wget -O - | bash

Login in LXC web panel

open broswer 

username :  admin 
password admin

web panel config file :  /srv/lwp/lwp.conf





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