Linux Mint 13 ‘Maya’ Released

Linux Mint 13, codenamed Maya has been released and like ubuntu12.04 Maya will also provide long term support for five years.Here is what you need to do for downloading it…

 Click on Linux Mint 13 Maya as shown by the arrow and you will be directed on blog page below

scroll down to see the four torrents as mint 13 is available in two editions : Mate 1.2 and Cinnamon 1.4 and each support both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture so choose your own torrent to download the same.Cinnamon is more modern-looking and Mate looks stable.

I will prefer to download as a torrent but if you want a direct download then you have ample mirror to choose from for the download.Its available in both CD and DVD but i will prefer to go for DVD version as its just 900mb and also you wont have to download any extra stuff as the DVD version comes with a bundle of required software packages.