how to install and setup zsh as default shell in ubuntu

Ubuntu use ‘bash’ as your default shell even most of the *nix use bash as default shell but there is many other option you can choose from . on of them is zsh ‘ z shell ‘  . its light weight and loaded with many features to enhance your shell experience .


you can see detailed info about shell difference  :  see here

  • Context-based completion of many functions (like remote filename completion in ssh, makefile targets, configure scripts, and much more), which is highly configurable.
  • A powerful programming language with complex pattern matching mechanism (a pattern like **/*(^/) matches all (non-hidden) files in all subdirectories, but not directories themselves)
  • Lots of CLI (Command Line Interface) options and bindkeys
  • Loadable module support for adding built-in commands


$ sudo apt-get install zsh
$  chsh /bin/zsh

setup ohmyzsh

ohmyzsh is configuration framework developed by   robbyrussell  which provide many configutaion option with many built in plugins and themes you can customize zsh looks as you want its depend upon you

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O - | sh 

you can configure zsh by editing .zshrc file in your home directory

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