Making Linuxt Mint 13 Maya Live USB

Step by Step process for making Linux Mint 13 Maya Live USB (Cinnamon 1.4 edition)
You need at-least 2gb size pendrive.

  1. Download Linux Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon 1.4 edition from here.

     2.Download the latest Universal USB installer from here.

3.Double click on the icon to open Universal USB installer.

choose I Agree
choose Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon in step 1 of dialog box
browse to choose the iso image you downloaded above in step 2
choose your USB flash drive in Step 3
check to format your USB flash drive and set a persistent file size for storage during live testing
i choose 200mb as my persistent storage but you may increase it or dont set a size as it is optional
confirmation message …choose yes
wait for the process to complete
close when completed
here is your live USB running …enjoyy!!
cinnamon desktop running from Live USB we created and from here you can install from the icon in the desktop saying install linux mint

Linux Mint 13 Mate Live USB
Have Fun!!

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