How to export vmware virtual machines for virtualbox and other virtualization platforms ( ovf ) using ovftool

Most of the time i prefer using  VMware workstation , good thing about VMware virtual machine is it works perfect in vmware products for any platform . but when i started using virtualbox then i tried to import directly vmware virtual machine which is not possible .

ovf tool come very handy that’s export virtual machine from vmware vm to ovf ( open virtualization format ) then i can import that virtual machine in virtual box

if you want to export virtual machines from vmware workstation its really easy

  • Select the virtual machine and select File > Export to OVF.
  • Type a name for the OVF file and specify a directory in which to save it.
  • Click Save to start the OVF export process.
  • The export process can take several minutes. A status bar indicates the progress of the export process.

if you are using vmware fusion then you can use ovf tool to export virtual machine

ovf tool is comes in bundle with vmware fusion so you dont have to do anything extra

Location :  /Applications/VMware OVF Tool

procedure :

  1. make sure virtual machine is not encrypted and make sure vm is  currently switch off 
  2. open terminal
  3. cd to  “/Applications/VMware OVF Tool”

pass -h to see help docs

Usage: ovftool [options]  []
$  ./ovftool --acceptAllEulas ~/Documents/Virtual\ Machines.localized/Ubuntu\ 64-bit.vmwarevm/Ubuntu\ 64-bit.vmx ~/Desktop/ubuntu.ovf

converting to ovf using ovftool

it will take some time to export then you can easily import that vm easily in virtual box

importing vm from ovf
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