Amazon online shopping in India


With the overwhelming response from India for online shopping and the trend moving towards shopping online — we have the father of online shopping in India which is well known in USA and other parts of the world for its great bag of service offerings be it digital or through products.

Yes you heard me right — Amazon has set up and expanded its online shopping service in India and for a start offering only books and TV,DVD titles.And also we have free shipping for a limited time period which means no minimum purchase needed and on can buy a Rs 50 item with no shipping charges.

With Amazon coming to India various online shopping mega-store offering books and DVD titles are facing tough competition and only two days have gone by we can see rates slashed in the above mentioned products in other online shopping sites.Especially Flipkart where books and DVD titles are sold in bulk are slashing the rates to keep their customers to them but one has a better option now to switch over.